Fun and Sustainable Packaging from C&L Jewellery

C&L Jewellery Australian Sustainable Fashion Brand

At C&L Jewellery, we believe that fashion should be fun, luxurious, and sustainable all at the same time. We've created a unique packaging system that combines our core values of sustainability and fun into one package. In this blog post, we'll show you just how our unique packaging works!

Our brand box is made out of recycled cardboard and is specially engineered so that it can be flattened easily after use and then put in the recycling bin to save space. It's perfect for e-commerce purchases because it's strong enough to protect your beautiful jewellery even without extra bubble wrap, which usually creates more waste. To further implement our sustainability philosophy, we have done away with the traditional “thank you” card in favour of printing our warm words inside the box.

Our e-commerce mailers are made from 100% recyclable material and we are looking to move towards 100% compostable solutions in the near future. Partnering with OzStickerPrinting, we've found the perfect way to take our small business mailers to the next level. This Australian brand offers a great cost-effective solution for any local businesses looking to make an impactful statement on their packaging - highly recommended!

We also include a complimentary jewellery organiser with each purchase! The organiser keeps your jewellery away from tarnishing air while being compact and light - great for home or travel use! Plus, it's reusable too! They are also available to purchase here

Our goal is to make sure that fashion is both fun and sustainable at C&L Jewellery. With our unique packaging system, we are able to bring these two values together beautifully. We hope that by seeing what essential elements make up our packaging system, you will appreciate the importance of sustainability as well as understand why we strive for a more eco-friendly approach to fashion! Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us - happy shopping! 😀

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