Story Behind C&L

Story Behind C&L

The Story Behind C&L Jewellery

Trends come and go, but elegance is forever.

Style is something that is truly unique, it’s a form of self-expression. Like an extension of yourself. The way you’ll adopt a certain style will depend on your personality and lifestyle. Jewellery needs to work around you, and not the other way round!

Founders Ling and Colleen are friends with two very different styles, and they were struggling to find somewhere that accommodated both of them. That’s when they decided to create C&L Jewellery - the ultimate jewellery spot.

Jewellery can elevate an outfit, and make it even more special. The best jewellery is meaningful jewellery. Our intention is to inspire you to be your best self - and that is being authentically you! We want you to feel empowered wearing our pieces.

You deserve to feel like you whenever you wear our pieces.

Your jewellery, your way…

What makes us so different? We offer affordable yet trendy designs to cater for everyone, pieces that won’t fade out of style. Our high-quality pieces will stand the test of time, all while having a modern twist. Jewellery is such a personal thing, and we want to ensure you treasure yours forever!

C&L’s commitment

Times are changing, and we need not only to look out for each other but also for the planet. As an Australian brand, we have a deep connection with the ocean, and that got us thinking about our practices. As a fashion brand, what part can we play?

Online shopping creates thousands of tons of waste, and we do not want to be a part of this vicious circle. Our mission is to give Mother Earth a helping hand, all while providing high-quality and beautifully crafted products.

What are the first steps on this journey?

  • Packaging: Packaging is part of the problem, but C&L are part of the solution. We have developed packaging made from 100% recycled materials, this includes our boxes and mailer sachets. We also offer a complimentary jewellery organizer to keep your jewellery clean and untangled. On top of all this, we extend your jewellery’s life by preventing contact with air while we store them.

  • Production: We are on our way to implementing sustainability across our production line and within our jewellery materials. This means that soon, we will have sustainable jewellery to offer. We aren’t just talk! We are already planning on recycling our metals.

The 100 Project

Our brand is for the brave, bold and adventurous - we all have that fierceness inside of us. We are planning on releasing some men’s jewellery in the near future, and this project is open to everyone!

You are all our muses, and that is why we created the 100 Project.

This 100 Project is all about finding 100 inspirational people, no matter what walk of life you’re in. We are looking for people that dream big and aim high. We’d love to hear your ideas or stores and collaborate on jewellery collections. We’d love to hear from art students, globetrotters, or just anyone with an inspiring story! Your dreams can become reality, and your collaboration with us will feature online!

Jewellery has its own significant meaning to every person, and we can’t wait to see your thoughts and inspiration during this project.

Please send us a DM to with the subject of "The 100 Project". 

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