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Hypoallergenic Sensitive Earrings Medical-grade Plastic(3 Pairs)

Hypoallergenic Sensitive Earrings Medical-grade Plastic(3 Pairs)

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These clear silicone earrings are perfect for sensitive ears. They are made of medical grade resin (plastic). If you are experiencing recurrent allergies or infections from wearing other metal earrings, these hypoallergenic silicon earrings will be a game changer! They are also super friendly for new piercings, for new piercings, remember to clean them with piercing aftercare. 

Simply put them on, and forget about them. They are clear so you won’t even notice them! You could also wear them to prevent closure of your piercings! 

Each pack comes with 3 pairs or 6 stud earrings.


Medical Grade Resin/Plastic


Care information

All C&L jewellery is made with high quality metals and advanced crafting technology, Sterling Silver, 14K or 18K Gold Plated or Gold Filled. Thus all our pieces are durable and long lasting.

To maintain their original lustre, we suggest removing them before swimming or exercising. Avoid contact with any harsh chemicals.

We also suggest storing them in their original container to avoid clash with other hard objects.

Wipe with our complimentary Jewellery Polish Cloth occasionally to clean and restore their shine.

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